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Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Posting this a day early while I have the chance.
Every year I pick up a bag of those little candy hearts because I love em. :)
I fill my grandmother's candy bowl and set it on the countertop where I can grab a heart each time I walk by.
They remind me of my childhood. I loved the little sayings.... and had to tell my friends any time a fella gave me a "mushy" one. lol

As I grabbed one to pop into my mouth I didn't recognize the word stamped into the heart.

On closer inspection I realized they were not in english...

lol, They are spanish sayings...

They still taste the same, I just don't know what they say.
I'll have to be careful who I pass these out to. I don't want to give someone a "mushy" one and not know it! lol

Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day. Give your loved ones hugs and kisses!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ms. Jeanie,

Your not the only one who loves those things, I bought a bag the other day and sat down and at the whole thing. Who cares if they are in Spanish as long as they taste the same. Somthing else that I'm addicted to (thanks to my Grandpa)are those little peanut butter logs, if there around there GONE. Have a Happy and Blessed Valentines day, see ya later.

Chris G.

cowgirl said...

Hi Chris!
Glad to hear you like them too. I love those peanut butter logs too but haven't seen them around for awhile. I need to look harder.
Hope you have a great Valentine's Day too! Thanks Chris. :)

Anonymous said...

Todo Bien= Everything's o.k.

Hola= Hello

Idolo= I'm guessing it's "I idolize you."

Un Beso= One Kiss

Que Tal?= What's happening

BSS= No idea what that one means.

Old Smoke said...

Ya got to watch what ya say, even in spanish.....
Thanks for the early morning smile.
((((HUGS)))) from our campfire to yours.
Have a Great Day!

Dave~ said...

Happy Valentines Day Jeanie!



Rich said...

At first I thought I was going to scroll down and see how you use these in a smoker recipe. LOL!

Happy V-Day, cowgirl. Thanks for the great reads!

cowgirl said...

Thanks Kirby! :) Next time I'll watch what I'm buying. lol
Hope you're having a great day!

cowgirl said...

Thanks Rick, (((HUGS))) back at ya. Hope you all are having a nice day. :)

cowgirl said...

Thanks Dave! Happy Valentine's Day to you too. (((HUG))). :)

cowgirl said...

LOL Rich! You're giving me Wonder what I could make with them. :)
Happy Valentine's Day to you too... Hope you're having a great day! I appreciate you stopping by. :)