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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kiss em goodbye!

They really can see ya coming at least a mile away.....

Time to load up the last few calves and haul them to the sale barn. (before the end of the year gets here)

She's so much help. :)

The danged windmill rod is busted again.

The leathers have "rolled over" at the bottom of the well.. It will take someone with a wench truck to be able to pull the well rod this time.

dang it.....I guess things could be worse. At least the check for the calves will cover the windmill repair.

They have their wooly coats on. :)

An icky goodbye cow kiss.... lol

The old stock trailer ready to go.... just had 4 calves and one non-producing old cow to haul this trip.

Patiently waiting to sort cattle to the right pens...

Some fellows practicing their heading and heeling. I didn't have time to watch, had to go home and call the windmill man. :)

One more thing crossed off the get-it-done list.


lisa said...

Darn, windmill anyhow! Like you said, at least you were able to get one thing crossed off the list. To bad the profits are already gone ;)

Triple T said...

Hay Jeanie! How you been doing? from reading your blog you've been buisey. Sorry to see that your wind mill's broken. I enjoyed the pic's. You should be a photographer! Well I finaly got the two hogs killed and put up WHEEEW!!! That was a lot of work! The hogs weighed about 450 lb each thats alot of pork! Miss Dolly is doing good she's giveing around 5 to 6 gallons of milk a day. I have milk and butter running ouy my ears lol. I hope you had a good Thanksgiveing. We went to Louisiana and visited faimly it was good to see everyone. Still working on my smokehouse! Good thing I don't have to live in it lol. Just wanted to say hi and give you the lowdown on whats been going on here in Ky. Hope you have a blessed day your friend Mark! :)

Chris said...

Who are you calling a "non-producing old cow"? I'm not THAT old! (ha ha)

Old Smoke said...

Dang it Jeanie! you have all of the fun. Gathering was my favorite time on the ranch...:) Is that your barn and corrals in the last picture? Sorry to hear about the windmill, there is always something needing fixin'....:) Does it supply water to the house too?
Have a good weekend

cowgirl said...

Thanks Lisa! I lucked out this time, the windmill wasn't a major repair. :)
Hope you have a great weekend!

cowgirl said...

Hey Mark, it's good to see ya! Sounds like you have been busy too. I bet that home grown pork and fresh milk are wonderful. :)
So glad to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving. Hope you and family have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for stopping by!

cowgirl said...

LOL Chris...she does look a bit irritated at me.
Thanks for the laugh! :)

cowgirl said...

Rick... it is kind of fun isn't it. :) That's not my barn, it's one at the sale barn.
The windmill is back and running now... the windmill man replaced the leathers, a section of rod, a few other things and checked the head. It should be good for the winter (I hope).
This is just for the livestock in the pasture. There is another one for the house.
Hope you have a great Christmas Rick...Thanks! :)

JazzCat said...

Jeanie, hope your Christmas Holiday is everything you want AND need to be!
God bless you girl!

neanderthal said...

It always amazes me that the windmill design that works best still uses 'leathers'. I love solar technology but wind powered water wells are eloquent. Someone shotgunned the vanes on the windmill at my grandparent's old place. I wonder if the guy who did it ever cared about anything in his life.

How much natural gas drilling are they doing in your area?

Glad you got it fixed.


Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

That windmill problem sucks Jeanie. I helped a buddy of mine pull a few sections of his sucker rod out of ground once, and ya, it was a pretty big job. Wish I was a little closer to ya, I would love to help you out on this one. My well on the acerage is kinda the same setup as yours I think, but only instead of a windmill powering it, it has a hand pump. Once I'm done building and am bored, I have plans of maybe running a 12 or 24 volt submersible pump down there and run it on solar power. It would pump into my cistern when the sun shines, instead of me hauling water. Not sure if it will be as simple as it sounds or not, but you know, it could be a good alternative for yourself also you know. That is, if one could get a pump down the casing. I'm not real sure, but there just might be something out there that works. That same pump could be be run using a wind turbine too. I am kinda facinated by your use of an old wind mill though, and I would love to see it in action, but they do seem to have alot of moving parts that wear out frequently. Either way though, I guess the well rod will have to pulled anyway no matter what. I'm just thinking out loud Jeanie, thats all. lol. Good luck with the well Jeanie.

cowgirl said...

Jazzcat how in the heck have you been? :) It's good to see ya.
I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year too.. Thanks!

cowgirl said...

Hi Neanderthal! That's too bad about your grandparent's windmill.. I agree with you, whoever did it must not care much about anything.
I am partial to the wind powered windmills. I guess I like the looks of them. :)
The drilling has picked up around here in the last couple of years. I see quite a few rigs scattered across the land.
Also a few work over rigs too trying to bring old wells back to life.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

cowgirl said...

Heck Mark, I like the way you think out loud. :)
Your plan definately sounds doable. I'm sure it would work great! My house well has a submersible pump, it used to be powered by a windmill that also supplied the electricity for the farm. I still have the cistern and the battery house. I think it would be great to convert back to wind or go with solar power.
A lot of the ranchers have switched to solar on their watering wells... I just like the old windmills. :)
I wonder how the panels hold up to the hail we get around here.
You're lucky you don't live closer, I'd be calling for help with the windmill and the cattle too. lol
Hope all is going well with ya!
Thanks Mark...

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jeanie,
Wouldn't YOUR truck be a "wench" truck? :-)
(I think you're looking for a "winch" truck...)
Sorry! Couldn't resist.

cowgirl said...

Hahahaa Steve, you're right! Thanks for the laugh. :)