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Friday, April 4, 2008

My tractor rim fire ring

My favorite fire ring....
It's made from a tractor tire rim.

I have an expanded metal grate cut to fit and a larger grate made from 1" tubing and expanded metal...

It really comes in handy when I camp in remote areas that have no camp sites...

Eggs benedict on the tractor rim...

Ribeyes, stuffed potatoes, sauteed mushroom and asparagus...

I love the's light enough for me to roll around and carry with me in the back of my pickup. :)


Jimmy said...

What a cool idea. I've been having a look around your blog over the last day or two and must say I think its great! You seem to have and do everything that I want to do!! Keep it up, it's a pleasure to read!


cowgirl said...

Thank you so much Jimmy!
I have been checking out your blog too.. It's very interesting!
I'm looking forward to seeing how your garden plot comes out. Sure looks nice so far! :)

Take care and Thanks again!


peter bristol said...

thats the best camp stove iv ever seem, gormet camping?

cowgirl said...

Thank you Pete!
There's something about campfire cooking....everything tastes so good over a fire. :)

Rover24 said...

Outstanding idea! I too have been surprised a few times when I showed up at a campsite, and noticed that there was no fire ring. I can't tell from the pic, but did you cut out the middle of the wheel, just leaving the rim? Also, what size wheel did you use?

cowgirl said...

Thanks Rover, it works really nice especially with that oversized expanded metal grate. You can move food and pans off of the heat when needed.

I'm not sure what kind of tractor it came from.... it's 30" in diameter.. and 11" tall. You want one tall enough to hold plenty of logs without them rolling out of the pit.

The inside is cut out leaving 6 brackets. I've thought about using them to hold some sort of rebar rack...but haven't really needed one for anything.

There is also a 3" square hole cut out of the bottom on one side for better air flow to the fire.

I'm sure any rim would work, the bigger the better. :)

Good luck to you Rover! :)

Anonymous said...

hi did u get my message

cowgirl said...

Hi Anonymous! I got your message and sent an email to you. :)

Bmurf said...

hi, can you post some pics of the inside with no fire so we can see how you made it?

I'd like to make one myself, looks very good indeed. fair play to ya!



cowgirl said...

Hi Brian, Thanks!
not sure if this will work but here is a link to my blog that shows the inside a little bit better.

If you type in "tractor rim" on the search feature at the top of the page it brings up more posts that might help ya.
I DO need to take a pic of the inside and post a better pic on this blog.
Everything is cut out of the rim but there are small brackets around the top that I had hoped to used for more cooking racks. I have not used them yet.

There is also a 3" square hole cut at the bottom of the rim to allow air flow to the fire.

Hope this helps Brian, let me know if it didn't.
Thanks again for stopping by! Good luck with your build! :)