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Monday, March 19, 2018


My favorite time of the year... the calves are arriving! I love being the first human they see. lol
They can really put on a show when they hear me sweet talkin' to them.

This little girl couldn't find her mom, so she found shelter beside the closest tall dark critter she could see. (the horse).  lol

The drought is in full swing. It's so nice to see a bit of new life in the pasture!


Stephen Tuck said...

The calves here were always fascinated by my dog: they'd see something furry about their size but funny-looking and barrel up so check him out. They were always startled when he went to chase them! Sadly, I have to speak of him in the past tense: he found a brown snake at the start of summer and came off second best :(

cowgirl said...

lol Stephen, I bet they were fun to watch!
So sorry to hear that your dog passed....and from a snake to boot! Poor fella..
I've had a couple of dogs get rattlesnake bit but luckily they made it.
Thanks for stopping by. I hope you had a great weekend!