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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Chickenfried Steak! (I was starving)

Pretty straight forward meat n tatoes meal. I was hungry. lol
Chickenfried some tenderized round steaks, seasoned with my cold smoked salt, pepper, garlic blend...then an egg/ milk bath, and seasoned flour dredge. I put panko in the mix for extra crunch.

Served with smooshed tatoes, skillet gravy, biscuits with smoked butter, a side salad to make it look healthy and a sip of whiskey to wash it down..

Not my usual outdoor smoke or grill cook but I used smoked butter and the S.P.G blend to add flavor.

Didn't eat it all but put a good dent in it!
It's nice to have my appetite back after the bout with flu and pneumonia. lol

Hope everyone is keeping warm and staying healthy!


Steven Karoly said...

Ah wiener schnitzel at its core! Love CFS.

cowgirl said...

Thanks Steven! Good to see ya.
Yep..I'm a schnitzel fan too. lol