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Monday, May 8, 2017

Containing the Bull

This post has nothing to do with talking too much... it's about electrifying the fence. :)
Hey Bull, my Black Angus bull, has taken a shine to the neighbor's Red Angus "Ginger" heifers. I've ran a strand of electric fence on part of the pasture, but needed to electrify another stretch of fence to keep him home.
Luckily, this was a pretty day, weather wise, to get the job done.

Used the yellow, clip on, insulators that I had left over from another job. They work fairly well but I have to use a screwdriver at times to help clip them onto the t-posts.
I place the electric fence about "bull nose high". When he gets zapped a couple of times on the nose, he knows to back off.

The smell of fresh sage is distracting. I love it! :)

The leaves are so feathery soft and the smell is intoxicating...

Looks like a deer scull...

This old cottonwood tree has changed locations. The water must have come up pretty high through here to move this sucker.

Switched to these zip tie insulators when the yellow ones ran out...
These work ok, I just wonder how long they will stay attached to the posts..

Lunch break. lol I had two egg rolls and a bottle of water with me...

I know these are just weeds, but they are pretty!

Nearing the end of the line... time to stretch the fence.

Might not be the conventional way, but a come along and pickup bumper work just fine...

looks like the birds have been enjoying the solar fence charger...

After attaching the fence to the charger, I picked a few of those pretty weeds to take home with me..

Even though I was working, it was a nice day. :)

Still waiting on a fencing crew to replace the burnt section of pasture fence after the wildfires came through. There are so many ranchers in the same situation, all of the fencing crews are working steady trying to get to everyone. My fence is cobbled up enough to keep the girls in... so I'm not in any hurry. They'll get here when they can.
Spring is finally here! Actually got several inches of snow last week, which was amazing. I'm working on getting the veggie garden out and doing repairs on the chicken coop. Got a new roof on the house last week and a new roof on one garage.

Thanks to those who have kept in touch and have checked up on me. My email still doesn't work right. Sorry if I haven't gotten a reply to you yet!

Hope all is well, thanks for stopping by!


Jim Dorchak said...

Agh Fencing!
My pigs are giving me a head pain too. I have started to supplement with electric fence as well. Good to hear from you!

cowgirl said...

Great to see you Jim! Hope all is going well in Chile. Glad to hear you still have your pigs.. even though they are a pain. lol
Thanks for stopping by! :)

Jim Dorchak said...

I think I have the bacon thing down finnaly. I have had to reduce the salt to make it more palatable. Also I am starting to be with you on the Ham steaks as opposed to whole leg of ham approach. I have had my second whole ham spoil and it was of course a huge waste of good meat. I would have rather ground it up and made sausage, it would have been safer.
On the good side, I made Corned Beef and it was excellent and real easy to do. I should say that Lori made it and I was just the meat cuttin slave following direction.
BTW I still have my PVC fatty piston that I made from your design when I was in the USA. Maybe I will pull it out and make some now that I have some bacon.
Question: have you done anything with duck before. I a quite a few Drakes that I need to put in the freezer.

Thanks in advance


cowgirl said...

Great about the bacon, Jim. It's nice to tweak the flavor to suit your own taste too.
Yep... a smaller ham is easier to prepare and easier to eat. I like using my corned beef recipe on pork too, it's pretty tasty stuff.
I bet your corned beef was delicious!
Great about the piston too. They are fun to use and really makes a fatty or meat loaf easy to stuff.
Anymore, I like to smoke ducks and use the meat and drippings for gumbo. That's just my favorite way to prepare duck.
I'm not raising meat ducks right now, got wiped out by bobcats. I like having them around for eggs though.
If you come up with some good duck recipes, keep me posted please. :)
Thanks again Jim!