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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Grilled Lake Steak (some of those 45 day dry aged ribeyes)

I was able to go camping last month. It was raining and cold the day I arrived at the lake, so I did a quick steak meal that first night.

Split some tatoes, stuffed with a sliver of onion, some bacon, butter, salt and pepper...

Used my little charcoal cooker for this...

started some shrooms in butter (with minced garlic)

grilled a few scallions...

Brought some of those 45 day dry aged ribeye steaks with me. I love these things!
Just olive oil, salt and pepper for seasoning..

Seared the sides of the steaks...

The meal was quick to make but it might have been my favorite of the whole camp out.
Guess you really can't go wrong with steak n tatoes.

The weather turned cold, nights in the high 30's and days in the 40's. I bout froze at times but loved every minute of being out there. :)

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