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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Just a test. Still having problems with blogger and photobucket. Posting one pic takes 30 minutes! I might make some changes on how I post and just cut down on photos. :/

BTW , This is Rocky. Came to visit me during the winter. I'm not sure how he made it here...he had to travel miles of open land (no trees) through coyote, bobcat, owl, hawk country with sage and yucca for cover. :)

Hope everyone had a great winter!


Rocco said...

Hey Jeanie if you only knew the squirrel problems I have here in Chicago. This blog post site seems a little screwed up right now, Nice to see you again

Jeff Bushman said...

That's nuts! No wait it's a cracker.
Sorry for the blog troubles hope you get it figured out.

2015 A to Z Challenge Ambassador

Sid said...

Sorry to here of your posting problems. Been wondering where you've been. I believe Rocky is a flying squirrel. Check with Bullwinkle. :)

Chris said...

I haven't run into any problems using the blogger platform but I don't use photobucket in conjunction with it. I'd be glad to try to help you through it if you want to shoot me an email. I can try to replicate what you are doing and see if I have the same issue.

On a side note, I do a great Bullwinkle imitation. "Hey Rocky! What to see me pull a rabbit outta my hat?" Sounds better in person lol.

cowgirl said...

Hey Rocco, good to see ya. I've been hearing how bad squirrels can be. Maybe I'm lucky I only have one. :)
I'm still having a combination of problems posting. Hope to get it straightened out.
Thanks for stopping by!

cowgirl said...

Bushman, hope you are having a great spring! How's your gardening going?
Good to see ya. :)

cowgirl said...

Sid (Chris) Good to see you too! :)
I'm still cookin', campin' and chasing cattle. Have had a really nice spring so far. Even found morels this year. :)
Hope all is well with you! Thanks for stopping by!

cowgirl said...

lol Chris, you sounded just like him!!
Thanks so much for the offer of help, I might take you up on it.
Hope all is going well with you. I've been trying to keep up with things going on in the cooking world but I'm having a hard time keeping up.
Thanks for stopping by!