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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dove Season

It's the beginning of hunting season here for me. Dove season started the 1st of September. I headed out to my little windmill pond, took my 20 gauge, some shells and a bucket to sit on/carry stuff.

I started out pretty good opening evening... pulled in 3 birds for 3 shots.

started slipping.... 5 birds for 6 shots...

Then I quit counting shots. :)

Did get enough dove to feed me for at least a couple of meals.

I've not had the chance to go back out.  The bull decided to pay a visit on the neighbor's cows, so I've been fixing fence and running an electric strand.

I think dove season lasts at least the month of September, maybe longer. (I'll check) I'm sure I'll go out again.

Hope everyone else is having a successful season!


Bushman said...

I wish we had a dove season. I envy you. Getting geared up for deer camp though. Put together a collage over on my blog of the years of deer camp. Can't wait to see how you cook the doves.

cowgirl said...

Dove are good hunting and pretty tasty. I'll check out your collage, bet it's awesome! I'm starting to get deer fever but have to wait til rifle season.
Hope you are having a great weekend! :)

cowgirl said...

Bushman I just checked out your collage..... Dang that's great!!
Loved it!!!
The music you set to it was perfect too. I want to come to your deer camp. lol
You all know how to enjoy the woods. Bet you have some great memories there!
Thanks so much for mentioning your collage.. I really enjoyed it!