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Monday, June 23, 2014

Just a Steak

Still having a few blogger and photobucket issues. I think I'm narrowing it down though. Testing them out with these steak pics...

This was a quick cook on the Char-Broil double burner. I really like the thing. It's small but sometimes you don't need a big grill to get the job done.

I cooked these awhile back but just ran across the pics. I'm hungry!  :)

Looks like the Google Chrome will work for posting pics. I'll get after photobucket and try to resolve the issues there.
Thank you Scott for the offer of help too, I appreciate it!

Hope everyone is having a great spring/summer so far.


cjbstar said...

The steak looks delicious, I love the smoke marks. What is your method to clean the grills on your pits?

cowgirl said...

Thank you!! :)
I usually just raise the heat on the grill and burn any food off, then use a brush to clean it.
Sometimes I oil the grate before cooking, depending on what I'm going to cook.
Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a nice weekend!