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Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Friday!

Going to try to catch a few fish over the weekend... or at least pretend like I'm fishing while sitting by the lake. :)


Ron said...

Sitting by a lake, waiting for visitors to find your hook sounds like a good thing.

Did you stock your pond this year with shrimp? If so, have you harvested them, yet, or when does the harvest start?

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Have fun Jeanie. Good luck with the fishing.

cowgirl said...

Thanks Ron, it was a nice weekend. :)
I start gathering the shrimp about mid September and continue into the middle of October. It all depends on the weather...they won't survive in water under 65 degrees.

cowgirl said...

Thanks Mark! Hope your hand is healing up fast. Looked pretty painful!

Ron said...

Curious as to where you buy your stock of shrimp? Also, have you ever weighed how many pounds of shrimp that you harvest each year? One other thing, what do you feed them during the season?

cowgirl said...

Ron the MSU link listed in my "favorite sites" list has some great information on where to find juveniles. There might be one close to your area.
I started out feeding a sinking catfish feed but they were thriving on the bugs in the pond.
So I cut back on the feed. I think that Purina actually makes shrimp feed but it's not available in my area ( I could probably order it at the feed store).

Mine do great on the pond bugs!

I have never weighed what I bring in.. I just bag and freeze them or purge then bag.
They are pretty tasty...I know gulf shrimp are great but live, "fresh from the pond" shrimp are hard to beat. :)
I wish I could raise crab, lobster or even oysters. :)